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eMODAT Healthcare: optimizing processes in nursing documentation

eMODAT Healthcare brings together the advantages of mobile data collection and the special requirements of the healthcare sector. The result? Efficient and flawless performance and nursing documentation when it comes to evaluating the results of imaging procedures for diagnostic and treatment purposes as well as with regards to patient surveys and reporting. Once installed on a terminal device, the application records information on site and submits it to the responsible authority in real time. Double counting, information gaps or inaccuracies are thus a thing of the past. The form-based software can easily be integrated into existing hospital information systems (HIS). User-friendliness as well as quick and flawless nursing documentation – that is what eMODAT Healthcare stands for.

Your advantages:
- mobile data management
- excellent performance quality
- easy handling
- economic special suite for nursing documentation
- simplified workflow
- to be used online and offline
- effortless database synchronization
- unrestricted access to corporate data

Features of eMODAT Healthcare:

eMODAT Healthcare focuses on the special requirements of the medical sector. Compatibility is of topmost priority here: for this reason, the component HL7 Integration establishes a connection with standard hospital information systems (HIS). Different modules allow incorporating all standard interfaces while Lookup transmits data from external sources and consolidates them in forms if required. Information can be shared via the Reporting feature which enables users to create Excel files and PDF documents. The basic system 2.1 guarantees for perfect traceability and transparency. Its server components facilitate a personalized management for form templates, user permissions and roles.

Available for:
BlackBerry 10
iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch
devices with an Android operating system

eMODAT optimizes workflow and logistics in hospitals

The modern health system requires precision and a high degree of traceability in terms of working processes. Mobile data collection is of great value in this respect. Many medical institutions, among them the Bavarian hospital St. Marien Krankenhaus, have found the perfect help in eMODAT Healthcare.

The flexible software allows users to manage service performance and nursing documentation comfortably via smartphone or tablet. Sensitive data and taken measures are recorded in detail and are accessible for all employees at any moment. Taking inventory or managing material supply can be realized right at the hospital ward or the storing place. In addition, healthcare professionals always have an eye on pending tasks. Patient surveys are carried out effortlessly thanks to eMODAT Healthcare, too.

Download eMODAT direct here

The eMODAT app is available for free. Simply download it from your smartphone and get started. Please select the link to your smartphone provider below to download eMODAT.