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eMODAT Service: generating advantages for field workers

Scheduling individual visits or entire service tours, last-minute appointment changes or service management: flexibility and precise documentation are bread-and-butter business for field workers. Devacon has designed its product suite eMODAT Service to meet these special requirements. A customized forms solution installed on mobile terminal devices captures data quickly and accurately. The key to success is our easy-to-use application: all it takes is one click to complete the blanks in the input mask on the smartphone with the desired information. The highlight? An SQL database sets up a permanent backup of your data in the system – independently of the availability of network or WLAN connections. Online or offline: eMODAT guarantees unrestricted access to your data – in transit, anytime and anywhere.

Your advantages:
- comfortable data management
- intuitive handling
- central backup and data protection
- economic special suite
- to be used online and offline
- effortless database synchronization with operating systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, and SAP
- unrestricted access to corporate data
- independent of network or WLAN connections
- excellent performance quality 

Features of eMODAT Service:

In terms of features and possible applications eMODAT Service is in no way inferior to the Enterprise suite. Its well-engineered server architecture – the basic system 2.1 – guarantees for an individual management of form templates, user roles and permissions. The interaction and exchange of data with existing external IT structures is no problem for eMODAT Service either. The module Lookup transmits information from any number of data sources and consolidates them in forms. Thanks to the feature Reporting users create Excel files and PDF documents which can then be sent to the addressee via e-mail. Field workers appreciate the complementary module Photo which allows users to document possible damages visually, store the picture in a database or attach it to their service reports if required.

Available for:
BlackBerry 10
iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch
devices with an Android operating system

Field-tested: Edo Sweets’ sales agents rely on eMODAT Service

In service management Edo Sweets leaves nothing to chance. The confectioner from Dubai banks on qualified expert staff as well as on efficient software and modern communication technology. For this reason the company has equipped its field workers with eMODAT Service. In combination with mobile terminal devices, the clever software allows managing workflow processes in transit.

Before going to see a customer the sales pros check past orders to get up to date on special requirements and wishes for instance. On site they present the latest offers, take orders and then send the data to the headquarters without delay. That way, colleagues can get right to work and compile the delivery of the sweet little treats to the customer’s threshold.

Download eMODAT direct here

The eMODAT app is available for free. Simply download it from your smartphone and get started. Please select the link to your smartphone provider below to download eMODAT.